Sunday, March 11


thank you spic macay for bringing great musical moments in life.

S' birthday went off pretty well. umm actually apacalypto was not what i may have exactly bargained for :D
yeah, S did get introduced to Santoor - another first in her life :))

however, today this post is not about what all happened that eventful day (it was quite a roller-coaster for me!!), i want to write something about indian classical music cum society circle.

now coming back to what i began with. spic macay is doing a great job for sure and so are the NDMC guys through their finely arranged 'music in park' series.
there has been something on my mind for sometime now. its about how all these big personalities differ despite their commonly held dedication and surrender to classical music. if one were to look at them- almost all have carved a place in the modern world through their own hard work and efforts. i mean many have belonged to the famous legendary gharanas, but with independence and the on set of the so called 'modern times', many of their patrons were gone. so this young crop had to adapt themeselves and may i say 'market' their art in the right way in the new times.
Amjad Ali Khan sahib is certainly one of the best. he has a face that is radinat and comes out as a very gentle person. however, i feel he has really promoted his sons very well. something which Anoushka Shankar may also share with Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangaash.
i remember, having read somewhere about Ustaad Bismillah Khan, whose sons were rather disappointed with their father for not having promoted them as well as 'others' do.
Bismillah Sahib was a rare personality and i have had a unique and a rare opportunity of witnessing a very private recitation in which Khan sahib was at so much ease and had a long informal chat. and he came out as a really innocent and very simple person- almost like a child.

as i write this, i feel this post has not come out with any particular theme or direction. but i want to leave it just like this- unbounded and non structured.

ps: we all know that evrything must change with times, but all changes are not good either or are they??


Contented said...

Glad to hear you had fun time enjoying Indian classical music...

shouldn't I be envious??? :P :)))

Contented said...

coming to changing with times..., I guess it depends on situations and perceptions of individual. Some are happy to change and some don't. First of all one need to be sure why and what he/she need to be changed??

I believe 'change' is the only thing that is constant in the world.

zzz-writer said...

hmm mmm
considering thgis coming from contented- envious sounds so contradictory!!! :D
and yes change is the only constant thing but my concern is more in the direction of the change being good or bad. happiness or unhappiness can vary as you said, according to ones perception.
and may i add that resistance to change is normal too. the critical zone is overcoming/convincing ones self or others about the positives of the proposed change...
uff now i am lost what am i trying to say here???? *sigh* confused right now

Contented said...

If a man isn't contradictory of himself, that means he hardly says anything...:),

And the song is from "Legend of Bhagat sing". I like the sound of it basically and the meaning of it as well. It'S in my favourite list so playing it. I may not understand the meaing of every word but can understand the meaning as a whole.

dinesh said...

great post... all the more since it's spontaneous and unstructured!

zzz-writer, thanx for the visit to my blog!

btw, i'm a great fan of classical music... it's more of carnatic vocals that i've listened to... not much of an opportunity to hear hindustani...
but i must say that i absolutely adore rashid khan... his singing is simply divine!!

more posts along these themes would be most welcome!

take care :-)

mystic rose said...

theres certainly somthng about Amjad Ali khan.. just from his face, he looks so dignified and radiant. must be a special soul .. :).

and yes, his music is awesome!

spic macay .. a lot to thank them for. :)

dintoons said...

mystic, yes i agree, amjad ali khan does radiate a divine light!!
he's one of the coolest artists around... again sad to say, haven't listened much to his music... i don't know, probably my desire to listen to thrilling glorious bhakti-oriented lyrics of the classical vocalists takes precedence over listening to
"just music"...

but yes, i also do know...the divine doesn't need a single word to connect, communicate and ravish the heart...and pure music can be such a potent means... :)