Tuesday, August 26

any takers??

these google guys are always snooping around. every time without fail my inbox is always carrying advertisements on its side columns - catching the subject matter / key words of my emails. did they ever include this condition in their contract which we sign at the time of registration? even if they did mention it - how many of us ever read those terms and conditions?
there is no regard for an individual's private space on the cyber world. and we call the internet as an important pillar of all those values which liberalism stands for- freedom of speech being the most visible and potent. but what happens of private space? what an absolute contradiction.
i wonder why we dont resist this outrageous invasion of our privacy?
okay for record - i am registering mine with this post.
but again who is bothered. this is free space and every nut is allowed to say what s/he wants to. thats it. the only catch is that when every body speaks practically no body listens
the only thing constant in life is change.
does'nt it sound cliched ? but it is true - is it not?

Tuesday, August 19

i am amazed at the way things can take a complicated turn. it is because of all the complications we have inside that manifest out.

Tuesday, August 12

i have to learn how to refuse