Wednesday, February 18

chinta se ghate chaturai
dukh se ghate sharir
paap se ghate laxmi
keh gaye sant kabir

Sunday, February 8

i wish i can watch and pass through.

its been long since i sat down to write something like this, guess the feel of my old room, and old computer manages to tickel the electrons in my head and makes me write, even if it is nothing significant like today.
what is it that makes people write? for me these days it is like a single goal of life to finish all that was started long ago. but thats unlike this - this one is maintained for i do not know why...but not for the university for sure ;)

will all the memories fade as i pass through life? now as i see them, they are not significant - all the things which seemed so then. not even as memories.
it does not feel like anything important is happening now, even if it is - may be it is/ but may be it is not? who decides?
somehow people have infuenced my idea about what is significant and what is not in my life. but now i am seeing how far apart i am with many who were so significant for years....people, place, city, country, life, life points, beliefs, essentials, thresholds...somehow everything

some things just change inside not outside.
and what can i do about it, but watch and pass through.
is this the key that i am looking for?