Saturday, April 29

krack and jack

the comedy movie andaaz apna apna is one of my all time favourites.. it belongs to a different genre of comedies
for instance there have been those like on the lines of chupke chupke and bawarchi or even padoasan.
next came those arty, low budget realistic comedies like jaane bhi do yaaro, chashmebaddor, and yes who can forget katha :)
then there is this one starring aamir and salman (what a treat!) both from bhopal, eek darzi ka to dusra nai ka beta!! cute!
its a reall non -sensical high on plain stupidity quotient type of comedy but still never fails to make the likes of me enjoy it throughly.( mera IQ itna hi hai!)
i guess the characterization was done pretty the main villian is mogambo ka bhateeja... who wears a batman+dracula uniform and which is refered to as his ghagara by the these two jhonnies!
then we have a tiger character who has another pawn who keeps on saying: "galti se mishtake ho gaya!!
to add to the mess there is a double role played by paresh raawal, in which one is the alter -ego of the other!!
and yes the guys do get some support from raveena and kareena ..vaise unke bagair bhi film utni hi achi rehti!
some scenes are hilarious like the one in the lodge when these two arch enemies end up spending the night together and the caretaker of the lodge is this ultra -dharmic fellow fully loaded on hanuman bhakti and sees these two as modern -day versions of ram and laxman!! and the fact that the reality is just the opposite makes it for a comic riot
another thing is its songs..all of which have been composed on the tunes of old classies
overall its a treat...which i enjoy everytime and fall off from my seat everytime laughing

Thursday, April 27


therz a lot worth writing but nothing to write.. i am blank today....mann shant hai, sthir hai.

Tuesday, April 25

i wish....

i wish i could do something....about it......

tumko dekha to yeh khayaal aaya....
zindagi dhoop ...
tum ghana saaya...

Monday, April 24


so today i am sitting in the lib. trying to focus on "political issues" when my mind is drifting into personal issues...
now let me clarify..personal bole to strictly introspective ones.....
and i feel that somehow the whole universe is lobbying hard to make me see inside and realize my defects and all....
so, i get up to get some stuff on international relations xeroxed......and while walking through the many galleries of that haunting place called the lib.....i uncosciously drift into the literature section and bump into this book..."man eating tigers of kumaon and rudryaprayag" by jim corbett.
hmmmm....this title seems to make a lot of circumstantial sense to me.....a quality which i probably share with the tigers!! haan!! afterall if not literally....but symbolically i am a man eater of sorts.....this is what i presume while picking up this hard back copy....pretty heavy haan....

now i had to tell the truth i had always wondered why on earth a tiger reserve should be named after a famous tiger hunter- jim corbett...this dillema is on the same lines as how come alfred nobel should be associated with a peace prize...

khair, i was to find an answer i open this book expecting corbett to begin with an explanation somewhat on the lines like: since tigers are mean...crazy ..blood thirsty.....cruel carnivores...they are hooked on to human flesh and so eat human beings as staple diets or atleast lucky- day kill delicacies.......

but, he begins by saying something quite contrary...infact just the polar 9 out of 10 cases of man kill...a tiger attacks because it is WOUNDED.....or the 10th time because it is too old to follow a taxing hunt and since humans have encroached upon its natural habitat..this MAJESTIC animal is left with no other option..!!!!!!
i wonder, if i have something in common with corbett's be technically correct...his tigeress!!!!


Sunday, April 23

SHE is making us run through our debts

our past karmas are obstacles in the path of ultimate- the last quantum leap which all souls are to take..
but we are all bound by the good or bad karma 'phals' which one is supposed to live and bear......for ages..its like a recurring viscious do good so have positive 'phalas' to live up in the next life and if you do bad then you are to suffer in the next life
so it is like a never ending circle of the good and the bad...'kolhu ke bail ki tarah bus piste raho'in this loop of maya......
so how does one break free??
mother kuch bhi hai usse iss janam main hi khatam kar ke...jala kar ke jao...sabhi ko apne aap ko...saari circumstances ko bass forgive karo...aur aage past these.....quick and swift....there is not much time left.....
time is running we are being made to very fast to get past these 'rinas' (karmas)....tabhi shayaad aisa lagta hai ki ek ke baad ek challenges aa rahen hain....

all this has a logic, a very profound reason......this is a big churning going on...the last judgement...
and as it goes....strongest of steels has to pass through the toughest of fires

so that we are free of all debts to step into the next transition..the final that is the culmination of all evolution...the final objective.


its a good feeling to finally clear up the had been lying dormant...fermenting......decomposing for too long...
for one,symbolically speaking , i have decluttered the mail box..
therz a long list of ovrdues still qeued up.

in the meantime i just have to write this 'song of the moment' (gone past) of sorts
wish had that devnagari option but it is'nt too here it goes...
"kaahe sataye
kaahe ko rulaaye..
ram kare
tujhko... neend na aaye....."

Saturday, April 22

miracle or faith

hope is a magical word capable of spinning miracles.....
afterall what is a miracle?
it is a miracle only as long as we doubt or reject something as shall no more be a miracle once we stop doubting and start believing....
when one begins to grow in faith...not blind faith for it could be a mere superstition....but faith that sprouts and flowers on the soils of experience.....things do work if one prefers to call it a miracle, so be still stays that faith which compels GOD to take care...

just like neo experiences in the matrix....he doubts and fails..he believes and succeeds....

Friday, April 21

time is running out...

one must read 'THE THIRD ADVENT'. it speaks of besides various other things, about how one has to believe....believe in the absolute truth and things work out.
things which are or seem to be impossible at first.
human mind has been conditioned by ages of limited when ramayana or mahabharata spoke of flying machines or the brahamastra...what could they possibly be?...nuclear weapons... super- sonic jets...when the yogis of those times could read the minds of others...telepathise.....did it mean that some exceptional men in those times had such developed faculties that they could indeed do that? and that these were not myths at all but true accomplishments of those may i say ultra modern times?
how does it make modern man feel...edgy....uncomfortable....we know for sure that the life expectancy in those times was much more than what the modern medicine has been able to bargain for the so called 'modern man'.
why is that we are conditioned to believe that with the passage of these many thousands of years- human race has progressed? ofcourse we have moved..but movement can be in any could be a downward movement as well...remember how the harappan civilization was much much advanced vis-a-vis the pre- vedic society which came after almost 2000 yrs of harappan collapse??
science has shown that the human bain has certainly evolved...and with much great speed in the near past....but has our race evolved at the same pace??
if everything in the nature is constantly moving towards evolution..or in the process of the unfolding of a new dialectic/development than why is it that this species in general is suffering so much...from all sorts of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual distress...if modernity as we understand it; is the criteria of 'growth' 'progress' etc. then why is it that a country like japan has the one of the highest suicide rates in the world!
something is deeply wrong just does'nt fit....
are we missing something very vital...something so essential.. a core a nucleus- without which the whole evolutionary process or the quintissential logic of whole existence is upside down..topsy turvy?
and probably the more critical question is CAN WE AFFORD TO CONTINUE TO NEGLECT IT ....TIME IS TICKING AWAY....tick..tick...tick

Wednesday, April 19

is'nt that sweet.

thats sweet!
puneet calls me up today in the morning and asks:"when do i come?"
and adds:"didi aap bass tension mat lo...jabb mujhe aane ke liye kahogi tabhi eek ghante main aa jaaonga"...( to be noted that this guy is living in model town and we are talking about making it to jnu for postering work for the upcoming wksp at mahi mandavi.)
bass itna sunte hi meri saari tension door ho gayi:)
its a lovely feeling to be able to belong to something...some cause..someone...?

Monday, April 17

itz eeezzzeee!!!!

i am no more technologically challenged!!!

ha! i can do it too...

five lessons to be learnt from a pencil.
first everything you do leaves a mark.
second, you can always correct your mistakes.
third, whats important is what is inside you, not what is outside.
fourth, in life you will undergo painful sharpenings which make you better in what you do.
lastly, to be the best, allow yourself to be held and guided by the hand that holds you....

Friday, April 14


plato was a skewed up guy (negatively skewed up towards sanity!! or would that be insanity??? i have never been good in stats!!!) in short i think thoda satkela tha ....
he was the pupil of the great master- socrates who chose to drink poison than to compromise the truth.
anyway, for the uninitiated:
plato, gave the idea of "communism of wives and property"... now what the hell is that? i am coming to that....
plato being a political thinker ponderd over the perrenial questions of what is wrong and what is right..what is and what ought to be..

so his ideal was a polity-society ruled by the philosopher kings...chosen men of such great merit who would dedicate their lives to the welfare of the state and its citizens.
BUT (and mind you this was a bbbiggg but!) since acc. to him, family, (wife and children)and property(material possesions etc.) tend to make a man selfish...he suggested an arrangement wherein these guys(kings) would not have either of them , instead an arrangement would be in place where these could be commonly owned and shared!!!!
so the best of genes could be brought together and owned by the state to bring up another harvest of meritorious to rule.

that is how the term 'platonic relationship' emerged..

and if some of you are inclined towards liking the idea.....please grab a copy of ayan randt's 'the emblem'... also plato never gave space to any personal choices or decisions in this a man could never decide for know what..
just for records, i would like to mention that infact plato's greatest pupil aristotle completely rubbished the idea.

Wednesday, April 12

k is the magic word

what's the deal with all these k serials?
are we supposed to buy the argument that this world exists only in black and white?
either its the good bahu or the bad vamp. choose your pick.
i mean the lady has hijacked all meaning and essence of the term 'cliched'. she is soooooo predictable that its almost demeaning to the sensibilities of any average viewer.

but boss mannana padega all the auntys and the likes are truly hooked onto her 'creative produces' (which are just plain simple too many even in terms of number of them on air at a time)...i remember when gujrat was rocked by an earthquake few years back...the ladies in the rehab. camps made sure that they were provided with tv sets in their camps because they did not want to miss out on whatever happened to mihir after he went missing (or something like that).....vaise on the flip side it was not a bad way to partially deal with great stress those families must have gone through during that time.

so this is what sells or is it the only category available? are we being offered any reall choices here? wohi ghise pite actors and wohi ghise pite plots..isse zyaada na soch sakten hain na de sakten hain.....hackneyed and booorring.
aur haan...not to forget the stream of ultra 'dharmic' serials on weekends are there to resolve ones moral issues which may have crept in the week of watching k know with all that bitching and all .....its not a bad idea....balance maintained rehta hai!!! sabb chalta hai.......

Monday, April 10


i have felt many times that monday is like the best day to procrastinate things\ tasks upon.... "i shall do it on monday"- this is my best and the most commonly abused excuse..... ask rajinder!!! i would arrive all pepped up and enthu..and rajinder would invariably be missing\ running late\kidnapped\not to be found\struck by temporary amnesia....(any or all of them).
khair things are different now....navneet moved out rajinder moved up...kal ka raju became shri rajeev!! so THINGS ARE DIFFERENT
however one good thing is that despite all the odds most of the times i did accomplish things on a monday.
monday - my sweet day of accomplishments!!

Saturday, April 8

so what's in the name?

names i believe are reflective of the psyche of those who get to keep them..which in all circumstances exclude any 'right to decide' for those who have to carry the responsibility to live with that name
no powers with all the responsibilities- imperialistic mentalities
allow me to for instance someone is named grace..imagine how tormenting it can be for someone named grace to be blamed for being what does it mean the poor soul has a binding contract to act gracefully even in the most horrid of situations?
or for that matter kamal, mridul, soumya and so on..
vaise most of the times its just the other way round so all the kamals and the komals of the world are the most prone to breaking things and being the goofiest of them all

anyway, this reminds me of a name - suyodhan...does it ring any bells?
well it was what the original name of the greatest villians of hindu mythology- yes, someone who is better known as duryodhan.
it is said that its because of his actions and behaviour he began to be called as duryodhan ... imagine and the guy actually reconciled to the its like what even today almost all of us do so many times ...just accept that this is the weak point in me and comfortably continue to carry on with it!!! " abb kya karen yaar bass gussa aa hi jata hai " chalo kaam khatam. human beings have'nt changed much...all things must be evolving in nature but we? i suspect if we are.

vaise i am little senti about this great story of mahabharata.... therz a lot i find extremely fascinating about it
fir kabhi...

check list for the week which went by

check list for the week that went by:
butter scotch- had
ginger ale- could'nt lay my hands on
mizoram trip-on the backburner (monsoons are here)
interview- missed
500 paged heywood- must be tossing and turning in his grave! (btw, is he dead? dono who cares?)
posters- ankit is on it so i need not worry, phew!
my article in ijps- did'nt bother to see (kya karna hai yaar mera hi to wat's new?)
new std plan- earlier no money all the talks----cut---now all the money no talks!!

life has its own fetish for ironies, "is'nt it ironic don't you think.."
hey this sounds like an old song by who???
che...sheryl crow i guess
btw, wat's the deal with a surname like crow...maane kaowa or kaowi??? bechaari dikhti to theek thaak hi hai.
wat's in the name

zzz.. I am writing..

i tried to catch hold of my friends today but no one was there.
it felt as if i am all alone in a storm ...
something is begining to dawn upon me- no one can comfort me as much as i can comfort myself.....
this is as true as truth itself.....
i am not alone, i have myself !!
this too shall pass :)

Thursday, April 6

hello me!!

well i am writing because this thing has been created by a friend who insisted that i one can guess from the name of this blog itself!!!
ok now the thing is that although i would not think highly of someone named zzz..and all that, but why fight it yaar??
matlab ... why is it so difficult to just take things as they are going...once in a while it may feel good to maaro all the crib but why most of the times..why?

ok i remember the other day i was reading the acknowledgements written by someone in the begining of his dissertation ... and this fellow seemed to be of my types u no... thoda philosophical types.... anywayz.. he had written that.." difficult times are the best times"

now the question is : are these the best times for me?
i am begining to have an inkling that these indeed are.... hey this makes me feel good.
dekhten hai kyaa hota hai but i am enjoying this time for now....