Saturday, June 16

Thursday, June 14


Once upon a time in zzzland, there lived two eligible prince charmings :Champat kumar and Champak kumar. Champat kumar was tall and dandy and Champak kumar had the advantage of family and tradition.
Then to add a point to the tale, there was an Apple pie too. As expected she was sweet and sweeter…:d

Sadly in zzzland, people have fetish for ironies and so does the creator of the trio : Champat kumar, Champak kumar and Apple pie.

As the norm would have it, Apple pie waits demurely to be grabbed by the faster of the two but you see, she was the modern day liberated pie. She decided that it was about time she chose who it was going to be or if it was going to be anyone at all……

By the way, did i mention - she was in possession of an otherwise useless but over-sized, extra- logical brain.
So Apple pie introduced the element of diplomacy to the equation. Now what is the ground rule for diplomacy?
lets see:
Two parties have obvious, overt, antagonistic interests ------meaning ------the welfare/fulfillment of one's (interests) shall automatically mean absolute loss of the other..
So to please and pacify – already on the brink- junta, who is otherwise all too willing to de-throne the leaders, a diplomat engages his/her counterpart in an act of diplomacy.
Initially both brag about their individual concerns,, issues…bla bla bla…..

And later at some stage of mutual exhaustion, both introduce such an absurd condition for peace on the other, that it cannot be accepted by the other without surrendering its primary interest which s/he is there to preserve in the first place.

So what is achieved at the end is as a zero-sum condition.

Now it is natural if one were to ask, what does anyone to gain out of this obvious total sham? ???
The answer is : Golden state of status quo. Nothing-No one moves not even an inch. Everything stays just the same.

Diplomat bhai log are happy because they never seek a solution anyways- you see, the problem must stay for the logic of their own survival as leaders…so as long as the problem stays, they stay too.
No love is lost. Who is fooled- the pacified junta…..

These days Apple pie is found grinning ear to ear in zzzland
Oh yes!! Although there are no happily ever afters---
Oh come on she shall survive…not to worry--- she is not seeking any either

Saturday, June 9

Kalpa Taru

i wish to be a lush green tree - an innocent witnessing child.

as i thrive on the blessed love of my mother who nourishes me from her compassionate womb. she - the earth sustains me - so that i grow lush and strong.
i am the 'green saari' of hers whom she drapes around her waist to protect her chastity.

tired souls, battered beings seek comfort in the silent re-assurance of my existence. i feel honourably fulfilled to shower my soothing shade upon my creator's creation.

times when greedy hands rob me off, when unconscious - unaware existences vandalise. when there is unrelenting heat and unkept promises by monsoons and others. .....

still my source - my mother- shall bequeath me with the last drop of her life-giving blood. for me her child to sustain.

and so shall i be - as she wants me to be.
that wish granting tree - the kalpa- taru.