Tuesday, February 26

Loving breath of life blows
stringing the points of my scattered being
the ever illusive self glistens- teasingly, far behind (heavy veils).
awakening consciousness dawns upon an awaiting horizon,
as eager reality reflects now and then through the circumvents of spiral existence.
fingers of my beloved play through the hollowed spaces on the spinal veena
haunting melody resonates through out

Monday, February 11

six and half...

Wat does one do with all the bagful of shortcumings? Just when i feel it is gud enough, it shows it is not...may be just to put me in the right place. one can never be guaranteed about human nature. are there any insurance guys who can guarantee that/ any finishing schools/ any civilizations? any religions? any education/political/economic/social system but ones own self?????

all i can be assured of is this moment right now...when i am ....who knows what it would be just as why sulk what it was.
i am, responsible-capable, for the moment now.

Wednesday, February 6

it is not good to be not writing for so long. things need to be priortised.
anyways, yesterday was again one of the very very cold days of delih. it is getting incredibly cold here. i mena it used to be cold but not so relentlessly cold days after days and that too in the month of february which was so pleasant always, the month before exam fever gripped us all.
but today after so long i do not want to be writn\g about the changing werather conditions.
yesterday i vited a teacher who has jsut been promoted to the post of reader in a differnt university. well, i had always been struck by her achievemnst in the field of academics, ina sense that she is much young for her position and the amount of work she has come up with. frankly speaking, given the lazy temrament i have, i have hardly read much of her work but for the one which is tomy interest. yes i am a person totally goverened by taste and interests. there was a time when this self idea gave me confidence in my abilities but now somehow i do feel restricted because of this nature. because often the field where in work in requires maintaing multiple inetersts in varying topics and often i find my interest running in different direction than the one which shall bring me benefit in my work. well as i say this i do realize that more or less this goes for me as a whole.
coming back to this person i am currently bent upon focussing, i am allmost sad for teh manner in which to me she seemed to be promoting her work and i am sorry to say her acdemic merit. i mean is it not for others to arrive at?
i am sad for her.