Thursday, October 26

101st post

i would like to thank the person who is responsible for initiating me into the world of blogging.

i know i am not consistent, but in a way it is deliberate because i dont want to burn out too soon. it may be ambitious..but i want to be able to look back at zzz... and see how my life shaped up, what i learned and how i learned.

let me thank all the people today...
thanks for all things bitter and sweet.

all this when i know most of them would probably never read this or even if some of them do, i may never know of it. but it is still worth every bit of it, because i feel it in my heart and i know it to be true.

Wednesday, October 25

Thursday, October 5

advise from someone


Tuesday, October 3

umblical chord

ocean always brings out the child in all of us...its like we all feel some unexplainable belongingness to it...which lies dormant somewhere in our unconscious and the moment we face it, this joy gushes up to envelop our beings.
did we all emerge from its womb?