Tuesday, February 27


everything comes from there, everything goes back there.
in between lies a moment..this life, existence, the being.

Friday, February 23

Before i knew that i am.

it is perfect
so perfect in all its subtleties and complexities
me-mine-myself entities too shallow
to grasp the whole.
it is the heart that speaks this time.
urges to stop looking around..running around in circles.
"Halt" - It commands.
i know not if i should listen- is it me - it is meaning to?
difficult situations, complex questions wear 'the me' down.
tired and bitter- drowning in intoxicating pain.
The Consciousness whispers gently from the heart. "can you listen now?"- "will you?"
"Fear not"- so She soothes the aching edges. aching because they are angular- "dont you see?"
"Look no further...close your eyes - feel it."
It has been here all along ...ummmm even before the ego evolved.
before i knew that i am.
before She led me to the Gates.

Wednesday, February 21

someone knocked at my door today

tell me, do you feel it? do you feel it around? the unrelenting gigantic force pushes me into submission.
once again it has been me - the rebellious atom bursting in my tiny cup of self. what makes the foolishly daring ego to cook up dreams? waiting to lose my glory in the shallows of frothy success -
why does time flow, wont it put a pause , put a hault on its disciplined steps? does its heart has strings too? would it - the merciful one wait? and drop by - just this time to ask what i wish for?
oh wait, i know, even if it does...i would be silent -just like before
secretly i know that it (time) knows it too..............it knows it gave me a sturdy spirit :)

Friday, February 16


aage bhi
jaane na tu
peeche bhi jaane na tu
jo bhi hai bass yahi ek pal hai
jo bhi hai bass yahi ek pal hai
aanjaani rahoon ka
iss jag main dera hai
andekhi baahon ne hum sab ko ghera hai
ek pal ujala hai
baaki andhera hai
yeh pal gawaana na
yeh pal hi tera hai
jeene waale soche le
yahi pal hai
poori karr le aarzoo....

Wednesday, February 14

so shall it be
spoke the holy wind
you shall become
what you choose to be
just remember one thing
the master has created you
she owns you forever
but you are cursed to be free
and contest reality
yes my child
you are free
but first go and find
what that means
and only then
i shall take you
and you be mine
forever and forever

Monday, February 5

i am a slave and if i choose to be - i may be my own master

'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what i choose it to mean. Neither more or less.'
'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you can make words mean so many different things.'
'The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'who is the master. That is all.'

whatever else language may serve a purpose, it stays a social activity or a medium for all social activities. language in itself is a system of expressions which employs symbols or lets call them words to represent things. "words do not merely reflect the realities around us, they also help to shape what we see and structure attitudes towards it. in effect language helps to create the world itself..."
the problem of interpretation and semantics is therefore acute and i feel it more keenly in the virtual world. all expressions and words can actually mean as many different things as the number of brains acting upon to decipher its meanings.
so one is led to the constant vicious dilemma of discretion. however discretion - its flow and direction is also manipulated by the particular context, en-culturation, background, experience and the total environment within which the reader finds him/herself.
so how does one ever cut through the haze and froth of what ones mind shows us as the truth? one of the ways is to undergo the painfully long and almost Utopian process/ideal of dialectical movement towards the truth - the ultimate knowledge. one goes on negating all that in life that reveals itself as something else but the truth.
that is surely a long drawn and cumbersome process and is still not fool proof. at such a state one is reminded of what one of the Prophets of the world - Mohammad Sahab said: "Quiama ke samye, khuda aapke ke honth sill denge aur apke haath apke khilaaf shahaadat denge."