Monday, July 31

whats the deal with the world

what is going on with the world?
lebanon is continously suffering with civilian casualities. where are the 'big bosses', what are they doing? is this another appeasement going on? was one hitler not enough to teach us all a lesson? one can't question what breeds terrorism in the world? all these are no longer the cold war spill overs..these are new issues with newer dynamics...
i am aghasted.... 18 farmers in vidharbha have committed suicide in last 48 are to the nation, like roots are to a tree...they are not visible but are the basis of its survival....they are the feeder points on which depend the entire tree. if the roots are unhealthy, no amount of trimming and outwards treatment/beautification can help survive the tree.
gujrat and maharashtra are flodded again and 60% of the US is facing drought. is mother nature trying to convey something?

there is something that has seriously gone wrong..we are missing a link, a very important one....

Thursday, July 27


pyaar ke kuch niyam hoten hain
pyaar ka doosra naam hai haar
ussme sabse pehli haar apne ahankaar ki hoti hai

Wednesday, July 26

hauz park

if life is about counting ones blessings, then i would like to dedicate this post to district park- it is a park near home, which is actually a part of the green belt in delhi and is a huge chunk of whatever remains of delhi forest cover. actually this park is a part of the cluster of parks in which this particularly big(by delhi standards) forest cover has been divided.
coming to district/hauz park, it has its own archiological relevance as well, because it has a huge tank or what is called as the 'hauz' bang in the middle of the main area, this is the same hauz from which the entire area viz. hauz khas has derieved its name. i believe this hauz is the centre part of the main holiday- retreat structure which was bulit in the medieval india probably by the tughlaqs.
speaking of the current times, this hauz had eralier been given a royal ignore by the authorities and infact the hip hauz khas village(basically a very posh designer hub) that had come up right at this main structures back-in many ways flouted all rules which are there in regard of buildings under the ASI(archeological survey of india). i distinctly remeber, till just a few yeras back- a popular and hip resteraunt-bistro, would often spill over its specail evening parties with the fancy lighting and very loud music right into the premises of this historic buliding...throwing all rules and regulation out of the can buy you a lot in india even the old protected monuments can become your perfect set for a fancy party.
thankfully, someone in charge of affairs took notice and rules were strictly applied since then. today this park and the ancient hauz have been (may i say)- re-invented. the hauz has been filled with treated water and this attracts a number of migratory birds in the season. the medieval structures tower over this hauz and the clean blue sky provides a perfect pose. in this monsoon season, the evening sky often has a riot of colours and all the ancient trees and the stone structure make it a perfect place to sit quiet and watch

Monday, July 24


off late i have really started using this word very often. whenever anything is even close to being bakwass i brand it as b###
i guess most of the stuff in life in general is bakwaas indeed
matlab, generally life main rakha kya hai? all the run of the mill drill is bakwaas. now i may be sounding bitter but let me tell you i am not. yes, i have come to raelize that most of the stuff one runs around the whole life for is indeed worthless.
so here go the words of wizdom from zzz..writer
pata nahin aage zindagi main likha kya hai
kissko pata kal kya ho
hum hon to kahaan hon
issi liye aei- dost... bass din aaj ke khush raho

Saturday, July 22

log kitne velle hoten hain

What if Computer Science people start producing movies??Some Film titles may be like these :

1. Hang To Hona Hi Tha !!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Meri Disc Tumhare Paas Hai
3. Aao Chat Kare
4. Programmer No.1
5. Mera Naam Developer
6. Java Wale Job Le Jayenge
7. Hum Apke Memory Mein Rehte Hein
8. Do Processor Baarah Terminal
9. Tera Code Chal Gaya
10. Har Din Jo Mail Karega
11. Network Ke Us Paar
12. Debugging Koi Khel Nahi
13. Jish Desh Mein Bill Gates Rehta Hai
14. Raju Ban Gaya Administrator .!
15. Client Ek Numbari Programmer Dus Numbari
16. Login Karo Sajana
17. Naukar PC Ka
18. 1942 -- A Bug Story
19. Kaho Na Virus Hai
20. Crash Se Crash Tak 21. Haan Maine Bhi Debug Kiya Hai
22. Password De Ke Dekho
23. Terminal Apna Login Parayi
24. Mr. Network Lal

ps: copyrights for this piece lie with a comp. geek friend


one fine day i find a reason to be happy
and you know what, soon hundred reasons follow that urge me to be unhappy
then i turn smart
and decide to be forever..

Wednesday, July 19

Angrez chale gaye....... Angrezii chod gaye .

Have a nice day! -----> Achcha din lo!
What's up? ----- >Uppar kya hai?
You're kidding! ----->Tum bachcha bana rahe ho!
Don't kid me! -----> Mera bachcha mut banaao!
Yo, baby! What's up? -----> Beti Yo, uppar kya hai?
Cool man! -----> Thandaa aadmi!
Don't mess with me, dude.-----> Mere saath gandagee mat karo, e vyakti.
She's so fine! -----> Woh itnee baareek hai!
Listen buddy, that chick's mine, okay!?-----> Suno dost, woh choozaa mera hai, theek?
Are you nuts? -----> Kya aap akhrot hain?
And the best ones are.....
How do you do? -----> Kaise karte ho?
General Body Meeting.... ----->Saamanya Shaaririk Milan
Keep in touch.................... > Chhoote Raho.....

Saturday, July 15


jai ganesh, jai ganesh
jai ganesh deva
mata teri parvati
pita maha-deva

Wednesday, July 12


how manipulative and cunning is a person allowed to be before 'it is time'?
has this world forgotten everything about morality or sanctity of a relationship? that GOD is watching him every second of his life
how far can a person 'in need' allow herself to be used, manipulated, exploited? this is so dark..its rotten and stinking.
what can i do about it? i can no longer be a mute spectator to all this exploitation of one human being against another.

Tuesday, July 11


years ago, it was a regular day of my post grad years. i remember sitting there on the sidewalk just opposite anna's canteen, sipping tea with a friend and doing what everybody did during a tea break....look around, gossip, basically stay clued on to wats happening with whom (a small well -knit campus life ensures this as one of its many goodies)
this guy (mind you he is not any regular guy, i mean in my life i am yet to come across a more good looking specimen from the male species) walks up to me and we exchange pleasantries and he chats for a while and leaves.. a yet another daily drill/an obligation, each memeber is supposed to perform towards one another. once he leaves my friend (this is actually a teacher of mine from the college where i did my graduation from and is now here pursuing her phd), cannot hide her excitement of having met this hunk and is pleased beyond doubt and expresses the same in no subtle ways.
so that was the time when 2720-as we (i mean the whole campus female flock) used to call him (no point racing your minds in decoding this. i tell you you won't succeed!) was perfection personified to all of us..
i mean the guy was a concept-good looks combined with absolute charm, great soft skills and loads of atitude and the optimum level of financial backing made the whole package -well extremely enchanting and hence truly tempting (trust me, as i speak for the whole class of 2002)

alas! but all good things come to an end, do they have to? why???? aaghhhhhhh!!!!
next year, i had an opportunity to get to know him better, and the magic slowly faded away in thin air. in reality,2720 was not this don juan- super human, fantasy hero ....well he was very much human- carved out in flesh and blood with a more than an average levels of vanity and arrogance.
in hindsight, i feel if someone is as good looking as he was, it is actually a curse, in the sense that, such people are more prone to be skewed up towards the abnormal (ie. because they are not average) and are rather the misfittted ones... like all the geniuses history has produced. probably we dont realize this but it is such a blessing to be just one in the crowd and not to be very striking

Monday, July 10

yeh duniya badee ajeeb hai

speaking of friends, there is one more that i want to write names again
a distant friend of mine recently got married. as destiny had it planned, they worked for the same company but in different states and met one another at a company event. now all was well except for one thing, the guy's parents were dead against the match...i mean they were completely stuck up on the issue of 'jaat paat'and all that bakwaas
after much convincing he could not succeed,but this did not deter them from their commitmment towards one another, and they finally decided to get married. now this guy knew that his parents(who were not living with him) could put up stiff resistance to this and so he decided not to tell them about it till he actually got married.
as wierd as it sounded to all of us, the reason was that he feared that since his dad was a heart patient, he could 'emotionally black-mail' him into not marrying against his wishes.
so finally with the assent of girl's parents,these two got married:)
the ceremony was kept extremely simple and even the girl invited very-very few people because she did not want him to feel lonely/depressed in the crowd that an average indian wedding draws.
now, once the marriage was disclosed to this guy's parents, they had no other option but to agree and accept the girl as their bahu.last that i heard was that his parents are now gladly holding a very lavish reception at their native palce for the newly wedded couple.

Saturday, July 8

this is from a friends chapter of life...

he had been obsessed with her, so much so that sometimes he scared her to death. she had made it clear beyond doubt that his moves were unwelcomed, and tried to ignore him. she never gossiped to the world about all that, because she believed it to be improper to derieve frivolous fun at somebody else's cost.
as things unfolded, she met another aquaintance, who wanted to know if these two were 'together'? since they never were, she told this girl that it was not the case and that she had never been interested and had shunned all his efforts from day one.
after few years, i ran into this second girl, who was now him!! it struck me then why she had been so keen on knowing the story from the horse's mouth (my friend).
this girl was furious with my friend and happened to direct all her stocked up venom at me (because i was her friend) and told me that her husband had 'told her the truth'. she knew now that it was she(my friend) who had been pursuing him hot and detailed all 'unsuccessful' attempts made by her at enticing him!!!!!
i kept quiet and she went on to add that 'she knew that was the truth, because she trusted her husband completely'

her fury, the surprise of getting to know that she ended up marrying this guy, and the overall suddeness of the situation and the fact that all this had no particular relevance in terms of my personal memory....drained me completely. and as i began to co -relate all the loose ends of the whole story...the futility of putting up the records straight...struck me.

the reality of the present moment was that-- my friend had forgotten about the episode, was in a fullfilling long term relationship, this girl was now married to him, had her life in front of even if she believed a completely false story to be true...she was better off than knowing the truth. i mean who was going to gain what from the truth?? certainly not this woman who was obviously so much in love with her husband.

in the end once this lady was through with whatever she wanted to vent out..she waited for me to may be to defend my friend's case. but i simply told her that i was glad that she was marreid and wished her luck, and told her to believe what she wanted to believe because what was important wasthat she should start her relationship with him on trust and faith.

aane wala pal jaane wala hai

today i cant resist my memories flight in the past. well, for one, every chapter in life is plannned to be written (by who so ever is in charge) for some reason. it is up to us how we choose to interprett it. secondly, although past is over, but the lessons are'nt!! so it is like history in making with every passing moment. in a way it is good because, then we always have hope for the future..i mean which school would allow a student, who has been failing repeatedly, to reappear again and again..till s/he passes:):):) quiet kool haan??

its been so long

its been so long since i wrote something that i wanted to write. as i looked at my blog, i realized i have been deliberately trying to make it such a frivolous exercise...probably gaining time.....

Wednesday, July 5

in a lighter vein

this picture somehow sums up my initial reaction to something that i saw right now:):):)