Tuesday, August 29

shucks :(

oh man!! i have a long long -long way to go.
i wish i could apologise to people whom i have hurt...just once. to tell that i never had an intention to do so, but just messed up....
because, i was a fool, stubborn and thought i was right...and ended up hurting a few precious hearts and strings that bound them.

let this entry, serve as an apology today.
every one commits mistakes and i committed mine.

Sunday, August 27


happy ganesha chaturthi

Wednesday, August 23


my car today gave me the most harrowing time.....the sstttupid auto lock/guard went off...for no specific reason. since it had no reason to go off, it did not have a specific cure(in terms of removing that reason)to make it shut up.
it was on full blast...aaaaaaaaaaagh, i went deaf. called up the fella from the company, who was more intersted in knowing my name and telephone number, than in solving my problem immediately. since the ofice had closed, no one could show up beyond office hours, so i was suggested to cut off some red-green-yellow wires from the maze of wires that lie inside the bonnet.
something happened, and as a blessing from the heavens, i could manage to cut off the correcet lead and that thing stooped crying and so could i.
and did i mention, how embarrasing the whole stuff was, i mean the stupid car made me look like a thief!! and cried its loyalty song to the hilt. children are usually the first class of people who come running to check whats going on, and they did, made fun, smiled and basically had a nice time, while passer bys made faces and went past....:(:(

Sunday, August 20

its yesterday, once more

today, i think after soooooooooo long, i was back to being what i really am..
every sha la la, evry wou ouo still shine
evry shinga linga li, that i 'd started to sing so fine
those were the best memories.....
its yesterday once more :)

i may never say this to you guys, but, thank you all -(ankit, deepak, kamal, rahul, and mansi, chavi and geetanjali)
and above all thank you Maa.

Thursday, August 17

18th of august 2006

its been more than 15 days now. 15 long days without anybody to look after him, we don't know if he has remembered anything at all, where is he eating? weather he has had a wash or not? how is this world treating him?
may be i can jott down here, where nobody knows that i am writing, i don't know if he will ever come back..i think secretively all of us are loosing out on our hopes of ever finding him again...even if he were to come back, it would be too difficult, the brain damage must be extreme...
it is true, its only a story, till it happens with you.


i have not been writing for a while now, i don't know what is the possible reason behind it. i guess, it is one of those phases, i want to quieten down now.
or may be, because i am quiet, i have nothing specific to write about. actually its strange, with so much happening around, i am not reacting....hhmmm....

Monday, August 7

jabb koi baat bigad jaaye...

jabb ho chandini raat
deta hai har koi saath
tum andheron main
na chodna mera haath

Thursday, August 3

i just hope they find him.

most of us have got back home
we are loosing hope
tommorow it would be the seventh day....

Tuesday, August 1

krack jack comedy..saw this once again yesterday

the comedy movie andaaz apna apna is one of my all time favourites..
it belongs to a different genre of comedies for instance there have been those like on the lines of chupke chupke and bawarchi or even padoasan.
next came those arty, low budget realistic comedies like jaane bhi do yaaro, chashmebaddor, and yes who can forget katha :)
then there is this one starring aamir and salman (what a treat!) both from bhopal, eek darzi ka to dusra nai ka beta!! cute! its a reall non -sensical high on plain stupidity quotient type of comedy but still never fails to make the likes of me enjoy it throughly.( mera IQ itna hi hai!)

i guess the characterization was done pretty well...so the main villian is mogambo ka bhateeja... who wears a batman+dracula uniform and which is refered to as his ghagara by the these two jhonnies!then we have a tiger character who has another pawn who keeps on saying: "galti se mishtake ho gaya!!
to add to the mess there is a double role played by paresh raawal, in which one is the alter -ego of the other!!and yes the guys do get some support from raveena and kareena ..vaise unke bagair bhi film utni hi achi rehti!
some scenes are hilarious like the one in the lodge when these two arch enemies end up spending the night together and the caretaker of the lodge is this ultra -dharmic fellow fully loaded on hanuman bhakti and sees these two as modern -day versions of ram and laxman!! and the fact that the reality is just the opposite makes it for a comic riotanother thing is its songs..all of which have been composed on the tunes of old classies
overall its a treat...which i enjoy everytime and fall off from my seat everytime laughing

shaadi ka laddoo

as the saying goes...jo khaye woh bhi pachtaye aur jo na khaaye woh bhi....
i think this one of the most complex of all social institutions which human beings have spun for themselves.
it is diificult to say waht is right and what is wrong because there are no absolute rights or wrongs in human relationships
i have a distant cousin who had declared to the world that he does not want to get married and his family, parents etc had lost all hopes of ever seeing him married. all of a sudden this guy meets up with a girl and withinn 2 months, he gets married to her in a very austere ceremony with only a handful of people. his parents are happy beyond words. infact they met the girl only at the weeding ceremony...
then there is another league of people, like this friend who wanted to marry but quite understandably to the girl of his choice...very reasonable expectation indeed. but as his father would have it, the man literally forced him to marry a girl of 'his' choice whom my friend had not liked at all. i remember, i had screamed, howled, counselled this guy to say no, simply because he did not want to maary this girl. but this fella simply could not. not that he did not register his absolute dislike for the proposed match, but as his father is--he rolled out all sorts of tricks there are in the book.....from anger and displeasure to pretending to have a heart attack. believe me his father did that.
i remeber even on his wedding day when this friend kept looking at me with such helpless expressions in his eyes that i could not belive that a modern well educated financialy independent man could be so submissive about the most important decision of his life.
by then i had sort of lost sympathy for him, because of not only his weak submisssive nature but also because this story had another twist to it. earlier, i may have in certain moments really pondered over the thought...if he had pursued me well enough.....but not now...