Sunday, June 4

so who is this rahul mahajan???/

frankly speaking i dont care what this mahajan junior is up to...i mean give him a break if the guy had or did'nt have dope or champagne, or a concoction- its his life..why bother us with all the nonsensical stuff, who had it who gave what to whom.....
give me a break!
yeah did anyone btw, know that it has been raining incessantly in UP and Orissa and that many human lives have been lost...that a part of our country...Assam (remember its at the other end of our country) has been flooded again...well its flooded each year...and yes that mumbai is back to square one and the rains of last year have had no learning lessons for the local municipality.

then again who is this rahul mahajan???


Anonymous said...

i completely agree with it
i thik they hv no serios news
wen so many people r dying
all they r concerned of is Rahul and then wud he hv been arrested if he were not in media glare
me wonders

zzz-writer said...

in this age of empowerment through the fourth estate(ie, the media), sometimes its stunning how we as viewers have absolutely no choice in what we wnat to know and MORE IMPORTANTLY WHAT WE DONT WANT TO KNOW...kwim...