Monday, June 12

chaddha dear

yesterday my dad had this story to tell me:
when he belonged to the age when it is ok to be young and restless, he once pillion rided the scooter of his friend who was dead shri chaddha. so chddha sahab insissted that "only he would drive his lovely lambretta".
anyway, so thses guys were coming from delhi cantt towards naouroji nagar. half way through my poor dad began to get all jittery because "saala chaddha" was driving very very fast that he scared the spirits out of my daddy dear( my daddy strongest!!!)... what is the way out of this extremely awkward situation? dad began to race his mental horses ..hoping to find a suaitable ..well a face saving solution so that niether does chaddha dear feel offended and dad can reach home in one piece...(chaddha was anyway notorious for being accident prone!!)and ofcourse save his pride by not becoming a laughing stock at office (chicken hearted etc)..
so my dad went into an overdrive trying to figure out a way out...and catch up with chaddha's often swerving and almost skidding wheels...

dad came with this solution: ...he requested chaddha sahab to stop because he needed to well..pee...and the cantt jungles are the best place to do that..even till today (have you been there on the ring road, anytime any spot is a urinal) nature's call had to be answered and well dad got off finally...phew!!! from that flying machine..and saved his ass..wished his friend good night, that from this spot, he will most conviniently catch a bus or whatever and that he the kind soul should not worry about my dad...thanx once again.

as for chaddha...he survived not only that night but many more nights of drunken driving :)
office gossip never kicked off because chaddha ji was too drunk to notice that my father had got off in middle of a jungle late at night and merrily believed that his friend conviniently reached home..well almost

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