Thursday, June 8


'Empowerment is really an 'in' word these days... i mean every one is talking of being empowered - starting right from the right to vote, to present day state sponsored empowerements through affirmative action ie. the right to reservations etc.
let me make it clear at the outset that this post is surely not about raking up the issue of reservations but yes its about empowerment...
so continiung with that,the hottest item on the list of this act of empowerment is -
the knowledge and information expolsion ...empowerment through the click of a mouse, empowerment gained through the rights flowing from being a customer (customer is always right) so much for the advertising and media generated moolah...
but i ask- is it a reall choice on offer...well i have spoken earlier how this "right to know... must come along with a corresponding right to choose NOT TO KNOW... i mean i choose not to know about rahul mahajan's perasonal deatils or his escapades on the other side of the law...please have mercy on my far outstreched, over loaded attention and for heaven's sake spare me the trouble.

but as my natural proclivities insist, i have to mention about this another type of empowerment, which is largely ignored by most of us, but which to my mind is indeed the most empowering thing..

empowerment through acknowledgement of the 'now' moment- which asserts the reality-that the past is over and the future does not exist
all one has is the now moment. that present is the only moment in which i can actually do something, when i am truly in control..empowered to work towards a desired objective...and that this is the only truth 'cause no one has seen the future and that the past is exactly there-in the past.

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