Sunday, June 4


sometimes i feel things exist in concentric circles.. i mean nothing is ever patterned as linear...for instance this world is flat ---we all can see it but then we all know that it is not- right?
this atleast proves that whatever we see (or percieve from our sense perceptions) per se, is not really for sure the truth...the absolute truth -minus all and any dross (in simple hindi it means-'khot').

somewhat similiarly, this world of relationships that we live in...they all exist in a huge, big ,inter- connected, complex matrix like circle/s and everything is just such a big fruitless run that we all are just running round and round in circles thinking we have found the answers of our lives..what i need ..i know what i want..i know this is the thing for me.. and stuff...
and one day when all of it will be over we may just remember this age old proverb:
'if youth would and age could'

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