Wednesday, September 10

wah re mere desh

i have come across a pretty weird phenomenon sometimes now which shocked me at first and then saddened me. we all do know that the unorganized sector in India is larger than the organized sector and the plight of many skilled and unskilled blue (?) collared labourers in India is pretty bad.
some years back i went somewhere and i suddenly noticed that there were a large number of men sitting/standing/squatting on a particular stretch of an over crowded road.
curious i asked someone why so many men were crowding there. it was quite apparent from their clothes that they were very poor (what we call as labour class) people.
and then it dawned upon why that particular road was called as 'labour puliya'. in simple English it means 'labour's bridge'.
basically these men when they set out from their homes (i don't know if they are houses but wish they are at least homes for them) , they do not know if they will get work for the day. many of them pack their food (lunch/breakfast or just anything 'cause i do not know if they have the luxury to afford three meals in a day) but do not know where and whether they would be working through the day to have the 'relaxing food break'.
these are the labourers who are multi - skilled from being brick - layers to carpenters or whatever, but do not have a job. thus no employee , no benefits, no assurances and no future. they live to earn for the day to fix a meal for the day.

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sonal said...

what prompted you to write this suddenly?
everyone but the privileged reserved class and the super rich can truly enjoy the benefits this marvelous country has to offer...