Sunday, September 28

and the magic continues...

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the latest update:
Grace is with us for some months now and the stupid girl and the rest have fallen prey to her charm trap.
yesterday we went out and this is what followed (it is part of a private email)

we all went there leaving grace behind in state of disbelief that we can leave her alone once more !!!
when we came back we found she has found new ways to express her frustration with this human habit of leaving their dogs behhind. like an animal activist or world peace volunteer she had created a mini havoc in the house. she managed to pull down some papers, pens and pen holders and stuff from top of the wooden drawers and nicely and meticlously chewed all of them. when scolded for the act, she felt deeply hurt on her sentiments and refused to eat her food for dinner.
today morning, she was back to normal and can be found running around , sniffing, snooping, and licking things, objects, furniture, upholstery and yes human limbs too. she is just making sure that we all know that she is back to normal.

i can say we are all kind of getting used to her.

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dintoons said...

haha sweet grace!! well i'd say she's just being herself and doing what her heart inspires her to do... it's up to her human keepers and the stu**d girl to fall in line with her natural charm!! what a joy she must be!! :)