Monday, May 28

HUMILITY - 28th May '07

I make no claims to wisdom, but i am learning in this of the chapters from my lessons

Vanity corrodes the character. A woman's vanity can be the most unfortunate as well as the most lethal quality having within its womb the seeds of such unfortunate destruction.
it can bring discord and animosity within the family, sour relationships, cause wars and bring down empires.

This is what History cautioned civilizations when she laid bare her darkest secrets over time.
At the moment when Draupadi called out to Duryodhan and ridiculed him, she must have turned deaf to the gentle reminders of traditional wisdom. Humility was sacrificed when her docile mannerisms faded in comparison to the mesmerizing headiness of a woman's vanity - held inside her proud breast.

Vanity can blind one completely to the most obvious. the dizzying highs of ego's flight are bound to make her ignore the ditches that lie right in front - ignore the obvious - and justify everything---just about everything.

When age long wisdom tells us that humility is the beauty that survives through time - vanity can make a 'beautiful woman' lose her priceless 'jewels' of unconditional love and dross- free compassion.

I learnt my lesson and pray to 'Buddha' - The Great Master - I may always remember this one.


Jac said...


You too need to ridicule some one ???

I need to add your new URL, as I was unable to catch you with my blog link.

sonal said...

not only women but most men r vain as well...the kind of egoism thy suffer under is both self destructive n a danger to our existence as well...
we women r already labelled lots...lets give ourselves some respect!!

dintoons said...

simple sweet wisdom!
applies equally to all humans... women, men and others... :o)

mystic rose said...

wise one! :P

mystic rose said...

true though, kavs.

excellent post.

zzz-writer said...

draupadi's is a historic example to magnify my point

zzz-writer said...

well its true that ego can totally degenerate the character irrespective of gender differences. however this post is not about ego but a womanly vanity which has its own verry subtle ways unlike men who i guess are more direct and obvious in its manifestation.
and probably that is why vanity is in some respects more dangerous than plain ego...
also, its not about being labelled or whatever...but seeing ones faults and improving for ones own being.

zzz-writer said...

you bet
lol ;0

zzz-writer said...

mystic rose
words from you are encouraging as always. you are the wiser one although ..... following your footsteps..

Rauf said...

So far i have not given my address and phone number to Wisdom and intelligence. They don't know me. i am glad to be a frog in the well.
We embrace humility to a certain extent so that we don't become doormats. i have become one. its my fault. please add a little vanity and pride in the prescription.

Vanity does not corrode the character. Vanity makes people lot stronger and more determined. i think you are talking about vanity going in the wrong direction. i have seen that too.
Vanity is the birth right of a woman. i have seen women suffering without it.