Tuesday, May 22

goli maaro bheje main....;)

i have come to realize that this entity called mind loves playing tricks with me all the time. last night i had this weirdest dream..... my mind was up to playing tricks .....
what did i dream???
well....its almost embarrassing. i was amazed that not only did i dream of this person, but that i was kinda 'getting cosy' with this person in some far off place !!!
so this was outrageous.. it was otherwise a beautiful dream because i saw so many lovely things....as if the entire sky line was a mammoth LCD screen, with fire works and what not. and yes all this in full colour!!! yes i do get them in colour many times.

so i get up i the morning and am overwhelmed with this complicated and very ambivalent feel....i am amazed at the audacity of my mind as well as the creative expression and the overall beauty of the experience. yes it was like a dream!!!

now, coming to the point of writing this post and going 'public' with this experience is certainly not to titillate. i am more keen on sharing my experiment with the disciplining of this mind thing.

i must confess that i have a tendency to float into a stream of almost uncontrollable and often no purpose thoughts. having had the experience of this rather extra- ordinary dream, it was quite likely that i would have indulged into the 'enchanting' task of 'thinking' and try and lay bare the psychological reasons - like - why did i dream this? what does it indicate? and all the rest.

however today i experimented a little and began to simply 'witness' this whole issue.

firstly, i reminded my brain (mind you my logical brain) that this is merely a dream..which in itself is merely an extension of the various wanted or un -wanted thoughts which i get in a day (as a result of my total reactions to people, things, situations which most of the times are beyond my control- yes except for my reactions).

so, cutting through all the maze of illusion which the mind seeks to spin around....would i be doing justice to my own overall sense of balance and stability..if i were to treat it as anything more than that? should i allow my thought process to go in an overdrive and entangle myself in the de-stabalizing emotional ripples that it may generate?

and the answer that i received was a clear cut - unambiguous- stout NO.
so this is what i did...
i simply smiled at the audacity of my mind and told it to stop playing games with me. i clearly told it to shut up.

he hehe this time this bheja knew who the real master is :))


mystic rose said...

i bow to you, oh master!


great post.

zzz-writer said...

are you my mind??
thanks i will take that anyway

dintoons said...

lol, very imaginative!
nice to simply 'watch' the movies of the mind... esp if it's in LCD technicolor!! (personally i prefer the classic b&w look)
hey i do wish you draw some of that stuff... must be a creative treasurehouse in there... ;o)

mystic rose said...

no. maybe you are mine.. :)

Jac said...

bechara mind !!!


sonal said...

hmm...but whatever the mind ws doin ..it sure gave u momentary pleasure..as it does pain...
but evn i had such dreamz thy somehow make me feel optimistic about life n things in general..tell me its gonna b alrite...also a need within me of being with someone is signaled thru this dreamwork...