Tuesday, May 15

15th May, 2007

one does not need reminders on phones to remember promises. special ones are preserved in hearts....

hey Jacky,
its been so long that i lost count..anyways i was never good in maths!!!
remember the time when Dr. Baghai looked at us in utter disbelief that two people could be so happy to be put together....ghosh i still remember her expressions.
i know i was late the VERY FIRST day and made you wait in the rain!!! ..actually it was my strategy to prepare you for lessons in patience!!
hmm and how about the times when the two of us would walk for hours together only to catch a return bus back home
and how we fought over those stupid guys and had our own set of 'krack-jack' code done up. i still feel, "the thunderous three" was a not the happiest graft on our friendship but hey! did we not learn so much?
did we ever follow our lessons...honestly---hmmmm...yeah i know we are still pretty much the same

wish you luck love and happiness sweety
loads of love


jack said...

hi krack i tried to publish my comment earlier but there was some technical problem

yes yeh dosti hum kabhi na chodenge ......tera PPECHA na chodenge.

love you....a lot

zzz-writer said...

oh you need not hesitate to call me 'soniye'...;)
i wont mind :D

mystic rose said...


cute! chooo chweeeeeet!!!