Wednesday, April 25

a casual entry finds its place

ummm now what is this going to be about? one thing is certainly beginning to pinch me. well i am not exactly too fond of structures and cliches. off late i have realized this blog has become more of that. i mean i did start out thinking it would be more of a journal for me where something interesting and worthwhile may come up in b/w. but that's about it.
its been so long that i posted something of an update sorts. i mean how am i ever going to remember what happened to me in these days of my life when i don't write about them.
but then there is lot of stuff which one cant write because it is public
work front is strange and i am faced with weird and odd situations. it is such a task to meet my guide these days. just today in the morning when i was in middle of my 'girl talk' with the lady clerk, he just crawled up behind me out of nowhere. well i was not exactly planning to meet him but he as usual presumed that i must and asked me to wait!!!
when the truth is that i am not there to see him!!! somehow he has an odd habit of presuming too many things
so i wait almost patiently when jo and jaspal are waiting for me. we had to visit the council office for jaspal's visa papers. i went inside while his meeting is still on and do tell him that i have a meeting and i need to rush off. but he insists on seeing me after the meeting.
man!! i finally decide to push off and begin to write a note for him but that very moment he calls me in and is vague in his talk.
gotta do some serious thinking about all this that's on.


sonal said...

Hope if he really insists on meeting u, he make it worthwhile 4 u...

zzz-writing said...

oh dear on the contrary..u missed the point

mystic rose said...


happens.. esp with guides.