Monday, September 3

Today ---- the day

Yet again the majestic morning urges the senses

as the Master of the Golden chariot

submitted to his regal discipline,

stands knocking just like every day since eternity.

A glance at my hands overwhelm the praying heart.

Innocent, loving, working hands...uniquely obedient.

Creation's beautiful gift to Her beloved mankind.

Toil- Sweat, Love- Spread, Receive- Give

live this day.

Fingers of flesh and blood symbolizing the flicker of hope

--- encore the message of redemption.

Transcendence from worldly to the other

the eternal passage to (through) the qualities - Divine.

Yes, it is, once again Morning Time.


mystic rose said...

both posts are just lovely. :)

zzz-writer said...

thank you so much Rose for your kind words of encouragement. coming from a writer like you, they mean a lot to me :D

Jac said...

That is what I call a good blend ! Nicely surmised !

dintoons said...

beautiful thoughts, tender feelings... from the heart's depths...


oh and that's an utterly LOVELY hand, is it yours??!!

Jac said...

That is a beautiful hand, to whoever it belongs to !!!

Rauf said...

Oh, oh, what a night
Oh what a garden of delight
Even now that sweet memory lingers
I was playin my guitar
Lying underneath the stars
Just thankin the lord for my fingers
For my fingers

Duncan - Paul simon.

We take so many things for granted
We realise only when we lose them.
We have to be thankful even for the drops of sweat.

Delicate imagination there bitiya!
very intricately woven words.
my angreji is very chaupat. yours is so lovely, so pleasant to read

You disappeared, in fact it is i who has to complain.
i wrote a post for you i think it was streets of old Delhi, bad pictures though but you never saw them. i waited.
Kaisi ho Jee Jee bitiya ? hope everything is fine.

zzz-writer said...

thank yuo everybody for your encouraging words.
i disappear when i have nothing to write, its just that i am not always in this mode.
also,to an extent it is deliberate because there was a stage when i was blogging too intensely and found it hard to deal with a sort of addictive grasp it began to have upon me.
however, i make it a point to visit all your blogs and enjoy them a lot. you all are such talented people!!!
this hand belongs to a little girl who is a special friend.

wildflower said...

You did spare a moment to look at your hands and write a poem...this is like you know, purging & refreshing...It's emotionally rekindling also :)