Wednesday, July 11

dil se dil ki raah hoti hai....

hey black hole!!
this one is for you
head to korea...


Rauf said...

Pate se' bhi dil ki rah hoti hai JEE JEE Bitiya. Mirchi vada, pakaode' Dahi kachaodi. Yes Yes Aap ka dil pasand Falooda. Munh mein paani aaya bitiya ?

You mean Santro car ? You mean Sharukh Khan go back to Korea ?

zzz-writer said...

aaya aaya!!!
actaully delhi high court has recently ordered a ban on all street food in delhi. what they say is vendors can sell pre- cooked packed items. this is atrocious. the street food will loose all its charm. imagen how would a aaloo tikki chat taste if the tikki has been cooked hours ago?? uff and imagen all the paranthas loosing their charm.
kya faltoo baat karta hai humara judiciary bhi??
i mean this is india not some european city..unke aur humare khaane main bahut farq hain.
and also what will happen to numerous small time business fellos??
i say its all because of that 2010 commonwealth games ka bhoot, jo in ke sarr chad kar bol raha hai.
abb to dilli ke street food se mazza hi chala jayega

Rauf said...

Is sad news bitiya, in the west people are avoiding junk food and we are running after it and it has become a fashion here.

Somewhere on the roadside near Nizamuddin i had shaami kabaab, my vegetarian friend couldn't resist, bechaare' ke' munh mein paani bhar aaya, he said afterall it looks like vada, i'll have a few. i tried to stop him but he went ahead. and had quite a lot of them. The aroma was too over powering. ( i apologise if you are a vegetarian bitiya, believe me i discouraged him )

Puraani Dilli ki raunaq inhi logon se' hai. Bechaare' maare' jaayenge' All the charm would be lost. i hate this pizza vizza, utne' paise bhi nahi hain mere' paas, aur mujh ko andhar bhi ghusne' nahi denge'. McDonalds is not India.

mystic rose said...

dil dil dil dil... :P

something's up. lagta hai.

mystic rose said...

darling zzz,

have been inordiantely busy.

ur hugs have been received, much appreciated and savored.. esp ofocurse, the tingling vibes of ur sweet thoughts. actually.. the kids have been very very sick and the past three weeks have been very difficult. beginning to look better.

Jac said...