Saturday, January 20

time out

the other day, zzz went along with j to get some permission papers signed from a big boss. since the matter got a little bit out of hand, after the usual follow up cribb session was over, it was decided the two needed a neat break.
btw, madam J has finaaly listened to her inner voice (!!!!) and decided to forsake her residencey at the queensdom!!!- now thats another sob story - poor J

anyways getting back to this one, after much pep talk and stuff, zzz finally succeded in convincing the stubborn soul (ouch-i am dead if she reads this!!) the benefits of having spontaniety as a spice for life.
since this being zzz, more the merrier - is the ground rule. S should be called in too. a quick call(s) followed. S being S - always willing (hey- i mean it in the most positive way :)

as things stood J and zzz land early- much early. J wants to eat and get it over with. but hang on - a brilliant idea popps up in zzz's head. hey!! till we wait, why not go and try out some..uummmm stones..well, to be precise - solitaires :d
so here we go.....zzz went mad, tried out all those rocks in all her ten fingers..could have utilized the toes if the snooty sales executive had permitted!!!! and J sat there smiling embaraasingly for her friend's histrionics. zzz still feels J sat there sulking- 'cause J feels her hands are not as beautiful as the rest of her - babe has some concepts man!!!
anyways, the two had a jolly good time overall and reached the eatery. J could not be stopped anylonger- she just had to eat. so she went ahead and ordered. thankfully S followed sooon.

scene 2:
as the three of them sat there, J and S on one side and zzz facing them. both sat there talking in ulti-pulti french-J's latest passion. S sulked how she missed joining it again this session.
as for zzz- she had a good time as she stared unblikningly at the huge tv screen soaking her much starved senses with the charms of the idiot box.(reason: the CAS story in delhi. theres a battle of wits back at zzz home reagrding installation of the new set top box for tv. it is silently held by all the residents that who so ever asks for the new tv first- is automatically going to be labelled the 'most addicted one' to the idiot box. so currently everyone is battling with an ever increasing uneasiness of not having watched tv for almsot25 days!!!)
coming back, as zzz lost her self in the video, suddenly she noticed a guy sitting in the corner having a through and very convinient look at her. zzz is too embarassed and turns around- both of them still trying there french-aagh!!! two guys sitting on the other end quietly munching there snacks- boring!!

after J left, S and zzz went back to the univ. another round of late evening chai followed. S sat there sulking about the infant from bombay, tripped on some stone, the night ended as both worried a little about the unknown future and went back to their homes.


Contented said...

Sounds nice outing!

sonal said...

hey..last part ws really funny...tears came out of my eyes while ya

Mystic Rose said...

hmmm...are u on speed? *worried*