Wednesday, January 24

prayers & birthaday wishes 4 two very spl. people - 25th & 26th January, 2007.

Ganpati mujh deen kee
vinati karo parwaan tum
deen main , tum ho daayalu
daata krippa nidhaan tum
muladhaar main tum ho biraaje
karro krippa tum aan karr
apne gun hum sabb main bhar do
apna baalak jaan kar
mehkaa do mann ka bageecha
ho buddhi ki khaan tum
kya kami usko hai rehti
jiss parr ho dayawaan tum
Ganpati mujh deen ki
vinati karo parwaan tum


Contented said...

My heartly wishes to both of them!

Mystic Rose said...

thanks so much! yeah..i will tell u more about it after its over.
but ive decided that iw ill make time for the blog, becos i love writing.

jack said...

Thank you kav

Anonymous said...

Thank you zzz..change the name will you!
you stupid emotional ~fool~

Contented said...

How come no new posts??

Mystic Rose said...

kya bbat hai? where r u nowadays? havent heard from u in a long while. I was down with the flu.
*cough cough* still. :)