Thursday, November 9

on second thoughts...

i think i have gotta stop focussing on all these things- they make me way too sad. i am sure there are lot of good, positive things happening on planet earth. i will be glad to hear about them. so if anyone knows about some please do share them here.


Anonymous said...

ok..some things coming at ya..soon!
keep smiling. :)

Anonymous said...

Indeed they are! There is always something good and positive happening around as well.Just look around...:-)


Anonymous said...

Good...keep up the good spirit

Life is simple:
- Enjoy untill it lasts..

otherwise it gonna go anyways!

Keep looking for things that give u happiness

jac said...

That is very practical thought.

Ok, then you start moving around.

Africa ????

zzz-writer said...

to all ya fellas :):):)

jac said...

hey ! No updates ???

Have I to remind you ???