Monday, November 20

goodness gracious grace

Hi there, my name is Grace. As you all can see I am a dog but what you don’t know is that I am a happy dog. And here goes my story:
I am soon going to be one year old. I have been adopted by a family that wanted to get a pet for their four year old son. Oh boy! That is a four year old terror, who thinks himself to be Hanumana and runs around the whole house in his chaddi with a gada in his hand!!!
Now, life was good, I normally would have a eventful day packed with lots of eating+sleeping+playing+masti. One day a stupid girl came to visit my family. It looked as if she had enough of that Hanumana bhakta (you know with his gada and supernatural powers, he can be an unnerving experience for the weak hearted).

As for me, I am always happy to see others (particularly strangers). As a policy I always display my exhilaration while meeting guests…err, frankly speaking towards everybody and anybody ranging from carpenters, barbers, sweepers, post men right up to the thieves. I ardently believe in a ‘no woof’ policy. Yes at times, I do rarely woof at my owners when they do unreasonable things like- don’t let me lick from their plates or get cozy on their warm beds.

As far as that stupid girl is concerned, trust me – I made all efforts to please her: I would go and pick her shoes and slippers and hide them in such choicest places. I would make sure that the timing was perfect, so the moment she would step in one of her shoes, I would swiftly grab the other and run off. But all this to no avail. Even tearing her clothes did not help…sigh
I say she was a real snoot. I would even go and slobber her while she was sleeping but nothing, just about nothing worked on her. Good ridden now that she has gone back.

And did I tell you how stupid she was- she could not even pronounce my lovely name properly and would always call me dis Grace. How stupid, but see i am so nice,I still never woof at her.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....such a nice dog!...:P

Btw, Was that you...The girl ??

zzz-writer said...

he he :) yes the (stupid)girl!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! so what made her think that way??

Happy advance B'day Grace! :)

zzz-writer said...

grace says - thank you and yes a rare - woof too :)

zzz-writer said...

and yes the girl is stupid anyways

Anonymous said...

stupid???... you just saying it for fun, I guess!:) Are you?

Where are your jokes??

zzz-writer said...

jokes are there where they ought to be
and well if you have doubts about that quality then may be i should do some serious introspection...ha hahha
ok -ok modesty is fun but only upto a point...:):)

Anonymous said...

Danke! Was joking! :))

gut Nacht!

Anonymous said...


jac said...

I loved it. Well ! the dog too.LOL

Let me go before she start writing about me