Monday, July 31

whats the deal with the world

what is going on with the world?
lebanon is continously suffering with civilian casualities. where are the 'big bosses', what are they doing? is this another appeasement going on? was one hitler not enough to teach us all a lesson? one can't question what breeds terrorism in the world? all these are no longer the cold war spill overs..these are new issues with newer dynamics...
i am aghasted.... 18 farmers in vidharbha have committed suicide in last 48 are to the nation, like roots are to a tree...they are not visible but are the basis of its survival....they are the feeder points on which depend the entire tree. if the roots are unhealthy, no amount of trimming and outwards treatment/beautification can help survive the tree.
gujrat and maharashtra are flodded again and 60% of the US is facing drought. is mother nature trying to convey something?

there is something that has seriously gone wrong..we are missing a link, a very important one....