Saturday, May 1

Coming back home does not feel the same. Once the place I grew up in is no more the place home is - it just fails to add up to the flavour called home. Its little disappointing but thats the way things are. Human beings are so prone to getting dependent upon status quo that a change can be equivalent of chaos. I have known people who can extend this so called familiarity-comfort to any level. For example, if some books on the table are shifted from left to the right - a great sin has been committed.
Its complex but crucial to distinguish familiarity from stagnation. At the same time its important to identify a large pattern on which one chooses to lead ones life.


Jēkabs Kārkliņš said...

Maintaining status quo is stupid. There is not one complicated thing, such as life, in this world that couldn't be improved. Refusing to progress is either lack of knowledge how to improve (read stupidity), or afraid of changes.

There is latin saying "Fortes fortuna adiuvat" that means - Fortune favors the brave. Can not agree more with this.

But what is bravery? It is the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

zzz-writer said...

As I read through your words, I have streams of thoughts along different even conflicting lines.
Okay, refusing to progress, is many times not a well informed decision. May be for some it may not be a choice either. Lack of knowledge to do so, is possible. In that case, who is to be blamed? Persons, circumstances, events...or simply lack of choice or the right to choose.
In many ways these ideas are to be contexualized and vary in different cultures. what is seen as a right to choose in one understanding may be considered selfish in others.
Then again, not all changes are bound to be good or beneficial, otherwise there wuld have no such thing as culture and traditions. To consider every long lasting thing as non progressive is one sided as much as to resist every change is traditional.

Artsdeco said...
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My Corner said...

Your words are beautiful :)

Latha Vijayakumar said...

It just fails to add up to the flavour called home.

Yes it is true sometime me too felt like that.

Nice blog

Viking60 said...

In my years I've often gone back to places I spent time to see what sort of feelings I get. They have never been the same, only a human feeling of emotion for a time period I suppose and as we change so do our feelings to the past.

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Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

well said!!1

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Menachery said...

Whwn you spoke about the shift in books, it reminded me of sm1 with OCD :P ... however i must add, dat the only thing constant in life is Change , no matter how ironic it does sound!!!!n human beings have it in them to adapt to various environments and find comfort in them... so HOME may not always remain home )

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