Saturday, April 25

i am begining to feel :

it is easiest to cry in the name of God
it is a test to laugh in His name


dintoons said...


meaning, that one should always be cheerful and laughing for His Name's sake?? like in, "being a fool for God" as st. francis was?

Anonymous said...

i dont know what you mean, but i know what i meant : if we feel God is taking care of us as if we are his children, why should one cry? even if things are not what we want them or plan them to be, not to be worried about the situtaion is 'laughing in his name'. that is why it is a challenge (to laugh in his name) because it means accepting things as they come to us not because we are passive but because of knowledge ( may be faith or devotion) that it is a according to a higher plan.
i know now as i say this, it may sound cliched, but in the moment it was written, it was very soothing realization for me. moreover, cliches should not be allowed to steal the intrinsic good the value holds in itself.

dintoons said...

Dearest zzz,

Thanks so much for clarifying. And I meant exactly what you had in mind :)

And whether we see God as Almighty Father or Divine Mother, we all are indeed God’s very own children. Born of God, living in God and returning to God. And surrendering to the infinite wisdom and protection of this Higher Power is the only way to live as true children of God, just as a very little child lives, so confidently and daringly, KNOWING INTUITIVELY that its every need and want is taken care of by its mother. And at times of acute need or pain all it has to do is call out or cry out, and the mother is there, with her endlessly soothing, pampering and comforting presence! LOL the lil ones know all the tricks very well!

But in grown-ups, the mysterious little ego-mind, with all its brooding fears and nagging worries n anxieties and assertive rebellious pride of individual personality seems to be be the main culprit or obstacle to surrendering. I like to call the ego as EVILL – Ego Virus ILLusion. And just like how a nasty virus infects the computer, or harms the physical body, this ‘illusory’ mental virus too plays havoc with the smooth functioning of the Divine Mind. It’s ‘illusory’ because, when everything IS the Divine, when everything that is created IS GOOD, from a higher wiser perspective, how can this little “I”, this pretender and imposter claim to have a “wretched miserable suffering” existence of its own, apart from God, who is all Bliss and Peace and Unconditional Love..??

So the goal would be to either eliminate the ego completely, OR to live as if it is God alone who is in everything, who IS everything, and who does everything. But in our day-to-day living, this ego is very much a part of our lives, esp when it comes to interacting with others (or other ego-minds). That’s why all spiritual masters n saints say, if the ego cannot be eliminated completely, let the rascal be a servant of God. Or a child of God. Or a lover of God. Which in turn opens up a beautiful relationship, full of divine joy, surrender, acceptance and a complete dependence upon Divine Providence in all aspects of living. Where all human feelings n emotions are transmuted and transformed and channelized along a higher path. A truly Positive Way of Living! And this is where faith and trust plays a big part, and greater the faith, greater is the outpouring of divine love. And the more open and receptive we are, the more abundantly we’re filled with spiritual treasures...

And this truly enables us to smile and laugh and be cheerful, even in the midst of “sufferings”, which for the most part are mental creations of the EVILL...

Cliches are clichés only when we term them as such. Again, the message of most spiritual masters is pretty much the same in essence, and can be said in a very few words. And yet they keep on repeating the same thing over and over again. And like you said, this repetition has an intrinsic value, in that, most times our lower mind is resistant to higher truths (for whatever reasons), but when a truth is being repeated over a period of time, a little fragment “slips through unawares” as it were... stilling the mind and exploding in the heart! Opening up a higher dimension of Life… which is everpresent, yet obscured by the endless negative chattering of the ego-mind...

Which reminds me, one of my friends recently sent me this beautiful link >>
A more ‘scientific’ understanding of Reality… I found it simply amazing and touching :)

Another beautiful movie which I would recommend is “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”, about the life of St. Francis. Definitely one of my favorite saints, he was a true fool in the world’s eyes, yet deeply connected to God in love, faith and surrender, a living example of “perfect joy” even as he asked for and willingly took upon himself the earthly sufferings of his divine master and guru.

So whether we laugh or cry or go through any of the endlessly creative emotions, simply doing it FOR GOD, for HIS NAME, using all our inner resources to simply connect to Him and bathe in HIS/HER PRESENCE, through all aspects of creation, seems like a really sweeeet way to live :))

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