Tuesday, February 26

Loving breath of life blows
stringing the points of my scattered being
the ever illusive self glistens- teasingly, far behind (heavy veils).
awakening consciousness dawns upon an awaiting horizon,
as eager reality reflects now and then through the circumvents of spiral existence.
fingers of my beloved play through the hollowed spaces on the spinal veena
haunting melody resonates through out


Jac said...

Evokingly melodic !

Happy to see you after the gap...zzz

Thanks for the concern

iamnasra said...

How poetless ...is all I can say

I came to tell you

Nominations for the 2008 Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere begin April 1st. http://bloggingpoet.squarespace.com/bloggingpoetcom/category/poet-laureate-of-the-blogosphere

Pls spread the word



mystic rose said...

this is so resonatingly beautiful.. i can feel it on my 'spinal veena' too, just from reading. :)

zzz-writer said...

thank you everybody. simply streaks of inspiration