Monday, January 14

Touch Wood !


dintoons said...

wow beautiful designs on beautiful hands!! so lovely and auspicious, i'm glad i saw these today, the heart is full :o) zzz, are these your hands, getting engaged/married by any chance...?? btw, exquisite sari if i may say so... and i can hear those bangles sweetly clinking n dancing away ^_^ thanx for sharing!!

have a fantastic 2008, n post more!!

sonal said...

honey..may god fill your life with pure love and joy..
i wish the best for you from the depths of my heart...
your sis..

mystic rose said...


Glad i got to see this atleast. :)

zzz-writer said...

Dear all
Thanks a tonne for all your messages and greetings.
i shall be back to regular blogging soon.
want to share my love and good wishes with everyone on the blog world.