Friday, October 5

what do i say when i have no thoughts? it is effortless auto moded. gentle comforting wind - benevolent as always reminds me of what this is all about. 'mentholy' cool waves on top -guiding, almost alluring the attention. as the being melts slowly like an offering to this ocean - oh so fathomlessl(y) deep!!! feels like i have belonged here since sweet eternity. does the idol deity feel the same when we offer Him to the Holy waters?
who is melting in whom?


iamnasra said...

as we are having at LIP ( honoring the voice of Mystic Rose..please join us and share your thoughts on Mystic Rose

Thanks ..Nasra

sonal said...

i feel the same...nature is the manifestation of our maker..and when we are close to it we are close to ourselves...

dintoons said...

"who is melting in whom?"

sweetness merged into sweetness
sweet lover and sweet beloved
not two, not two,
and yet not completely one too ;o)