Saturday, June 9

Kalpa Taru

i wish to be a lush green tree - an innocent witnessing child.

as i thrive on the blessed love of my mother who nourishes me from her compassionate womb. she - the earth sustains me - so that i grow lush and strong.
i am the 'green saari' of hers whom she drapes around her waist to protect her chastity.

tired souls, battered beings seek comfort in the silent re-assurance of my existence. i feel honourably fulfilled to shower my soothing shade upon my creator's creation.

times when greedy hands rob me off, when unconscious - unaware existences vandalise. when there is unrelenting heat and unkept promises by monsoons and others. .....

still my source - my mother- shall bequeath me with the last drop of her life-giving blood. for me her child to sustain.

and so shall i be - as she wants me to be.
that wish granting tree - the kalpa- taru.


sonal said...

superb...the need of the hour!!

mystic rose said...


Rauf said...

...ZZZZ.... i have seen some tennis racquet like devices for killing mosquitos. i visualise that racquet in your hand waving at me when ever i come to your page.
please don't kill me. i was called macchar in my school and still i am very thin. i used to enjoy watching Sania or Hignis (its not a spelling mistake i call her martina hignis, Ganguli is Janguli) Now their tennis racquets give me a scare.

i have already shot my mouth off ealier on your page and i want to do that again if you permit me, on the subject of your current post.
and it is not pleasant. or something to please you

great post, keep it going
delightful post, keep it jumping.
amazing post, keep giving us shocks.

dintoons said...

hey zzz, this is SO beautiful and charming!! :o) i love it!! it really feels like you've written it straight from your heart!! God bless you, and hope you always are a kalpataru for everyone, in your own uniquely charming way, thanx! :o)