Wednesday, September 6

is it is so sad?

today, i sorted out a 'misunderstanding' with someone :) it feels nice

i lost-nay, to be precise, someone picked my cell.
day before:
i almost crushed a puppy beneath my wheels:(:(:(
then, i was extra cautious for the rest of the day, so in order to avoid a lazy bones, which was spread out in the middle of a narrow by -lane; took a deep cut and scratched a car parked on the other side:(

but, after all this and having finally gotten rid of that stupid cell fone, went and watched munna bhai. wow! what a movie it is. enjoyed myself throughly:):):)

woh kehten hain na
main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya/
harr fikra ko dhuen main udata chala gaya/
barrbaadiyon ka shok manana fizul tha/
barrbadiyon ka jashna manata chala gaya/

ok, agreed its not all that sad stuff, parr fir bhi marne mainkya jaata hai??

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