Tuesday, August 1

krack jack comedy..saw this once again yesterday

the comedy movie andaaz apna apna is one of my all time favourites..
it belongs to a different genre of comedies for instance there have been those like on the lines of chupke chupke and bawarchi or even padoasan.
next came those arty, low budget realistic comedies like jaane bhi do yaaro, chashmebaddor, and yes who can forget katha :)
then there is this one starring aamir and salman (what a treat!) both from bhopal, eek darzi ka to dusra nai ka beta!! cute! its a reall non -sensical high on plain stupidity quotient type of comedy but still never fails to make the likes of me enjoy it throughly.( mera IQ itna hi hai!)

i guess the characterization was done pretty well...so the main villian is mogambo ka bhateeja... who wears a batman+dracula uniform and which is refered to as his ghagara by the these two jhonnies!then we have a tiger character who has another pawn who keeps on saying: "galti se mishtake ho gaya!!
to add to the mess there is a double role played by paresh raawal, in which one is the alter -ego of the other!!and yes the guys do get some support from raveena and kareena ..vaise unke bagair bhi film utni hi achi rehti!
some scenes are hilarious like the one in the lodge when these two arch enemies end up spending the night together and the caretaker of the lodge is this ultra -dharmic fellow fully loaded on hanuman bhakti and sees these two as modern -day versions of ram and laxman!! and the fact that the reality is just the opposite makes it for a comic riotanother thing is its songs..all of which have been composed on the tunes of old classies
overall its a treat...which i enjoy everytime and fall off from my seat everytime laughing


Anonymous said...

never saw this movie, perhaps i should.

zzz-writer said...

yeah i think its a must:):)

zzz-writer said...

well therez a mistake, it is karishma not karina whoplays the love interst of salman